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General Questions

Why should I use Interdental brushes?

The use of interdental brushing is much better than flossing, because the brushing action removes biofilm from the sides of the teeth, which is the sticky, furry film on teeth, that attracts plaque and bacteria.

I've just had root canal treatment. What are the benefits of having my tooth crowned?

When your tooth has been root filled, it has no blood supply, and therefore, the tooth becomes brittle over time. The crown protects the tooth thereby extending the life of the tooth. At Lifesmiles, we do this as minimally invasively as possible, often using a single visit covering designed by computer and milled in the practice. This is called an onlay.

I grind my teeth at night, what can I do about it?

Talk to your dentist about having a night guard made, which protects the teeth from the trauma of grinding.

What are the benefits of seeing a hygienist?

Medical research has shown us that aside from helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums, hygiene visits, along with your efforts on a daily basis, reduce the chances of heart disease and improve general health.

Other Questions

Why is it important to get regular dental check up with your dentist?

Apart from picking up early tooth decay and gum disease, just by looking at the mouth, a dentist can pick up several other diseases that manifest in the mouth.

How does smoking affect my teeth?

Smoking reduces the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood that is carried to the bone that supports the teeth. Over time, the bone may disintegrate, and may result in tooth loss. Smoking greatly exacerbates gum disease.

How long does it take to whiten my teeth?

With Enlighten system that is used by Lifesmiles, we guarantee that you can lighten your teeth within two weeks.


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