Our Team

Our Team

  • Dr Robert Rutland

    Dr Robert Rutland HEAD DENTIST & PRINCIPAL

  • Dr Robert Rutland

    Dr Robert Rutland



    GDC No. 68965

    Hello, I am Robert Rutland, the Head Dentist and Principal at LifeSmiles Dental. I am a great believer in pain-free, preventative oral healthcare, minimally invasive surgery and a patient-centred approach to dentistry.

    I am a dentist as well as a registered medical doctor. At LifeSmiles, your clinical and patient experience teams, puts comfort, safety, and patient experience at the heart of everything we do.

    Over the last 20 years our family practice, which is only 3 miles from Newbury, has built a reputation for high standard, caring, pain-free, friendly dentistry. My professional and personal philosophy of patient centred oral healthcare is the bedrock of our practice. Put simply, my philosophy is this: the dentist and his or her dental team, must take every reasonable precaution to prevent dental problems in a patient. However, if all else fails and a treatment is necessary, a drill should not be used unless every alternative treatment option has been exhausted and even then, any treatment must be conservative, minimally invasive and pain free.

    We are a state-of-the-art practice, with modern, spacious surgeries. One of our latest cutting edge pieces of  equipment is the MyCrown System, a computerized design and milling technology that has created a bit of a buzz with some of our patients.  Once, during a MyCrown treatment with Kayleigh my dental nurse, the silver spray needed to be shaken for maximum effect; consequently, we gave the silver spray a thorough shake. On hearing the shaking-action, the patient who was in the dental chair asked if we were mixing cocktails! After successful completion of his treatment, the patient returned with a can of Mojito for each of us as a thank you! I hasten to add, we drank them at the end of another rewarding day at the practice!

    Robert and Kayleigh

    Robert, Kayleigh, and the well earned Mojitos!

    You know as well as anyone, that your smile is one of the most noticeable and memorable features of your face. That is why the whole dental team at the practice works hard to provide you and other patients, with the very best in healthcare. As well as general dentistry, we are able to offer our patients many cosmetic services, such as tooth straightening without extraction, tooth whitening and various methods for filling gaps between teeth. We also offer denture services and facial aesthetics such as lip enhancement, skin improvement, aesthetic medicine and surgical and non-surgical dermatology, in my personal capacity as the practice’s in-house doctor.

    I qualified in dentistry from Leeds Dental Hospital in 1993. Prior to this, I qualified as a doctor from Saint Bartholomew’s Hospital London in 1987. I held posts in orthopaedic surgery, general medicine, general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery and dermatology. I also worked at the prestigious Sunderland Royal Infirmary (SRI), where I trained in maxillofacial surgery with Professor Leo Stassen. At SRI, I attained the very prestigious award of Fellowship in Dental Surgeon of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. This was the highest academic Diploma in Oral surgery and Oral medicine. Thereafter, I spent two years as a Lecturer at the Russell Group University of Newcastle upon Tyne, where I taught undergraduate dentists and postgraduate doctors.

    As you might have gathered by now, my original career pathway was aimed at becoming a Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery, however, as I am often heard to say, “I decided to get a life” instead and became a full time dentist! Thus, I started my career in general dental practice in 1993 with a part-time post in Peterlee, County Durham. Subsequently, I came to the South East and started as an associate at the Broadway Dental Practice with Dr Brian Carter in 1997. Since then, I have become the practice owner and principal dentist of the same practice, now known as Broadway LifeSmiles Dental for the last 20 years.

    Over the last 20 years I have carried on intensive continuing professional development (CPD) and subsequently attained the Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow for “Distinction in Dentistry”. I now examine Dentists for Diploma at the same college.

    My Qualifications and Training

    As a practising doctor, I also attained the Diploma in Clinical Dermatology and Membership of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine by examination. Additionally, I have the prestigious job of appraising dermatologists and cosmetic doctors, allowing them to retain their General Medical Council (GMC) registrations. I am also a level seven Leadership Coach and Mentor.

    My professional qualifications are as follows:

    • MBBS 1987 St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Medical doctor qualification, UK
    • BChD 1993 Leeds Dental Institute. Qualifying degree in Dentistry
    • FDSRCSEd 1996 Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
    • Academic Diploma by examination in Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine from Edinburgh
    • MBCAM 2008Member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine by Examination
    • DipClinDerm 2010 Queen Mary College, London: Diploma in Clinical Dermatology (Diseases of the skin)
    • FDSRCPSGlas 2011: Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Awarded for “Distinction in Dentistry”
    • PGCert 2015 (Level 7) in Leadership Coaching & Mentoring
    • Dr Rutland is an appraiser of Cosmetic Doctors ensuring they reach the standard required for Revalidation with GMC
    • Dr Rutland is an Examiner for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

    Outside of dental work

    I enjoy swimming and a few years ago, whilst on holiday in the Greek Island, I swam 6 km (3.7m) a day around different islands. I also enjoy going to the gym. I am an advanced level skier and go to Whistler every year. I enjoy playing the piano and attained my goal of Grade 8 piano for my 50th birthday. I have an eclectic taste in music and I play everything from Meat Loaf and Queen, to Beethoven and Chopin. I also write my own music. When I am allowed to, I play the piano accordion! Finally, I enjoy cars and was one of the youngest people to get the Membership of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, the day after my 18th birthday!


  • Dr Tim Stokes


  • Dr Tim Stokes

    Dr Tim Stokes

    BDS (Lond)


    GDC No. 245083

    Hello, I am Tim Stokes, Dentist at LifeSmiles. I graduated from King’s College London Dental Institute and have completed several postgraduate qualifications, (although not quite as many as Robert!). I have also gained my entry into the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons by examination.

    I pride myself on patient satisfaction and ensure all of my patients have a positive experience during their appointments. I particularly enjoy working with nervous patients and constantly strive to make all visits as pleasant and stress-free as possible.
    The ability to provide empathetic and patient centred care is something I pride myself in and believe to be crucial for modern dentistry.  Within my career I have gained the most satisfaction from working with anxious patients; I find building rapport and a relationship leads to a low stress environment and patients who are happy to return.
    I am passionate about all aspects of dentistry but my particular interests lie within prevention, minimally invasive treatments and root canal procedures using a microscope. The state-of-the-art equipment and materials at LifeSmiles open up a range of modern treatments aimed at restoring teeth and improving the looks of teeth in the best and most comfortable way possible.

    My main pleasures in life are reading, trying different craft beers, socialising with friends and watching rugby.  I enjoy running as a form of relaxation and exercise and have completed several marathons.

    I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures and cuisine.  I have spent time in South East Asia including with a charity in Laos providing basic dental health care to the population.  This experience was both incredibly trying as well as immensely rewarding, I learnt to trust in the skills I had obtained through my career and had my belief in the positive impact a clinician can achieve reaffirmed.

  • dr


  • dr

    Cathy Ridley


    GDC No. 4941

    Hello my name is Cathy, I graduated from the Eastman Dental Hospital in 1995.

    I am passionate about helping nervous and anxious patients enjoy the best dental hygiene care. I like to take a gentle and considered approach with the emphasis on pain free treatment. I treat every patient as an individual with unique needs and we work together to achieve a high level of oral health.

    I have recently joined Robert and the team at LifeSmiles.  I am very much looking forward to welcoming regular loyal patients as well as new ones to the Practice.

    I continue to carry out professional development and I am always interested in new and modern techniques that are constantly emerging in dentistry.  Robert is at the forefront of innovation so it is particularly exciting to join LifeSmiles now.

    In my spare time I enjoy long country walks with my family and our mad spaniel.
    My husband and I go to many music gigs throughout the year which range from Rock, Country, Blues and Soul, my favourite being Northern Soul. We even throw in a good old musical for good measure, Hairspray being my all time favourite.

  • Susan Mackie


  • Susan Mackie

    Susan Mackie


    GDC No. 6475

    My personal focus is on pain-free, gentle treatment; ensuring patients want to come back and see me over and over again, without feeling apprehensive. In fact nothing gives me greater job satisfaction than a happy patient, who leaves the chair pain-free.

    I started working at LifeSmiles Dental 15 years ago as a dental nurse. I subsequently left to attend university to study dental hygiene. When I graduated, I became the youngest person to qualify from Birmingham University as a hygienist.

    As soon as I qualified, I came back to LifeSmiles Dental as a hygienist because I think it has always been a wonderful practice to work in. I have always had a fantastic working relationship with Dr Rutland and my colleagues.. I respect his caring attitude towards his patients, his knowledge and his minimally invasive approach towards dentistry.

    We constantly interact during our working day about each patient we see. This ensures the best possible continuity of care; and it makes our patients feel special and cared for. It also allows the team to provide the best clinical outcomes for our patients.

    My preferred technique, until recently, has always been gentle hand scaling of teeth. However, we have had the EMS Airflow system for over a year now, and it has revolutionised the way we treat gum problems. The system Dr Rutland has invested in is the best version available and it gives the best results. It is gentle and effective at removing “biofilm”, the root cause of all gum disease. I have worked at LifeSmiles dental for this long because I have a loyal group of patients, a great team to work with and I love the caring, happy atmosphere of the practice.

  • Obette Upton


  • Obette Upton



    GDC No. 214335

    A great patient experience is very important to me, and I get good job satisfaction when I or a colleague receives customer feedback, saying just that! I love our service and ethical culture at LifeSmiles Dental

    I am a quiet person with modest needs. I need to work with people I respect and people who are caring and fun loving. I have worked with many dentists from different cultures and backgrounds, and I bring all that experience to LifeSmiles Dental.

    I tell Robert that I really like working with him because he is so ethical in his approach. It is simple: he always does the right thing. He never takes shortcuts and always has the patients’ best interests at heart. He always gives people choices and will always be honest, telling patients what he thinks is the best choice. But he always lets them have the final say.

  • Magdalena Karpinska

    Magdalena DENTAL NURSE

  • Magdalena Karpinska



    GDC No. 256843

    I love working at LifeSmiles Dental. I like my patients. I love my job. I love how the team is patient centred because I am a people person. People and my family are my passion.

    I am a very passionate person. I love people and I love my job at LifeSmiles. Robert thinks of me as being slightly mad, but he loves it because he too is passionate about what he does!

    I have a lot of experience in high-end dental practice, and so I bring that knowledge with me to LifeSmiles Dental. I can make suggestions on improvements and always contribute a lot to patient care and people’s experience at the practice. I feel I am part of a wonderfully caring team who are here to make the patient experience the best it can be. Life is too short to be half-hearted about anything. I do everything full-on and that is why I love being a part of LifeSmiles Dental, making people happy every day!

  • Tracy


  • Tracy



  • Ranjita

    Ranjita DENTAL NURSE

  • Ranjita



  • Georgiana


  • Georgiana



  • Lucy


  • Lucy




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