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Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry

Digital Scanning and single appointment crowns and veneers

At LifeSmiles we now have a digital scanner and milling machine so that in one appointment we can make beautiful crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers.

This used to be a procedure which involves two appointments. The first appointment was to prepare the tooth and make a temporary after taking impressions. Now there is no need to take impressions because we scan your tooth. Once we have scanned the tooth the dentist is aided by the computer system to produce a beautifully shaped restoration.

  • That restoration is then moulded out of a block of porcelain to make a beautiful new tooth for you. Dr Rutland has been using this system for several years and it has been a resounding success. He has made a large number of restorations for people with the system now numbering over 650. We have found that patients are delighted with the system and they’re delighted with the results it achieves.
  • Even nervous patients, who have been scared of having a crown made in the traditional way, have asked Dr Rutland whether they can have another one made for other teeth to improve their strength and appearance.  
  • The appointment time to produce one crown is about an hour and a half. This of course is not an hour and a half in the dental chair. This includes preparation of tooth scanning that the design of the restoration. It also includes milling of the crown which takes about 15 minutes and it is then fitted with special bonded cement.

When I purchased the digital scanner and milling machine I was told they would make me smile every day – and they still do!

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