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New Dental Health Assessment

New Dental Health Assessment

From now on instead of the usual dental check-up or examination every six months we are going to be performing an improved and enhanced dental examination called the Comprehensive Dental Health Assessment.

Instead of having one or two 10 minute examinations, the dentist will do an annual digitally enhanced examination including a 3-D digital scan of your teeth.

By planning ahead we can classify what type of treatment you need, which has become of the utmost importance since the Covid-19 pandemic. Treatments are classified as either Aerosol Generating Procedures or Non Aerosol Generating Procedures.

AGP or Non-AGP Treatments

That is Aerosol Generating Procedures and Non Aerosol Generating Procedures.

  • Examples of AGPs are: an ultrasonic scaling, the use of the EMS Airflow, or the high-speed hand-piece for having a filling or a crown.
  • Examples of Non-AGP are: an examination, a 3-D scan or a hand scale.

So in essence, by planning ahead we are being that much more organised.

The 3-D scan we do at your first Comprehensive Dental Health Assessment will act as a baseline going forward. It will mean that in subsequent Comprehensive Dental Health Assessment in following years we will be able to do an objective digital comparative analysis between the scans. This we will do every year.

The key things we will be able to see and measure:

  • Any movement of teeth
  • Tooth wear
  • Receding gums
  • Changes in gum inflammation
  • Deterioration or early fracture of fillings

And this is not a comprehensive list.

Now with a 3-D scan we can do a direct comparison of your dental health from one year to the next, which the computer does for us and highlights the areas that may be a problem. Also, now you get to see what your dentist can see in your mouth, which allows you to make much more informed decisions about your dental care.

    How we are implementing Safe Dentistry

    • We will be asking you to complete your medical forms on-line so we know all about your current medical history before we see you.
    • We can also take payment over the phone and arrange 0% finance for more comprehensive treatment.

    Covid-19 and Care for you

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