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The Wand for Pain-free Dentistry

The Wand for Pain-free Dentistry

The Wand is a wonderful system especially for nervous patients and for those who have problems with injections.

Benefits of The Wand

Benefits of The Wand

  • It allows us to give a virtually painless anaesthetic.
  • Not only this but we can numb a tooth without making the cheek lips or tongue numb as well. 
  • The Wand looks nothing like the normal dental syringe.
  • We can fully anaesthetise a single tooth without you feeling it at all.
  • It can also replace the particularly unpleasant injections that are sometimes given for lower teeth.
  • Once administered, the anaesthetic works very quickly.

Dr Rutland has been using this injection technology for some years and he thinks it is one of the best inventions for nervous patients or those who just find traditional dental anaesthetics uncomfortable.

Less anaesthetic drug is used

Not only is the Wand good because it gives a painless anaesthetic, it also uses less actual anaesthetic drug. This means that it reduces the risk of side effects due to the anaesthetic drug its self. These side effects include fast heart rate or palpitations because of the adrenaline. Another advantage of the low dose of anaesthetic used is less chance of interaction with other drugs that are being taken.

The Wand is thus an excellent method for numbing teeth in nervous people and in people who have other medical issues.

Numbing the Pain

Numbing the Pain

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